Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Spring Cleaning

With my art 404 class, we decided to inhabit a public space while presenting an issue of conservation and proper waste management.  On a couple occasions we set out to the desert hills surrounding the Reno area and completely cleaned a designated area of shot gun shells, glass, targets, birdies, bottles, casings, and endless other dumped goods that were taken out to be shot into bits.  We created costumes using all items found from the desert and invaded a public event held in the downtown area.  With a loud response the people were very interested in what we were doing.  With hidden identities, we paraded around, initiated conversation, posed for pictures, danced like worshiping squirrel creatures, and explained why we chose to do this as our final act of art in a public space.  Reno is a city surrounded by desert, mountains, and breathtaking western landscape, and shooting is very common leisurely activity, unfortunately people are not as enthusiastic about cleaning up as they are about blowing things into nothingness.   

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